Trans-Pacific Jets specializes in operations throughout the Pacific Basin and East Asia.  With the assistance of our travel network, we can provide our clients with concierge service, specialty accommodations, domestic travel, and entry requirements.

Our charter specialists can provide luxury travel on our fleet of tri-jet aircraft to unique destinations in the South pacific with some of the most incredible fishing, scuba diving, surfing and beaches.  Contact us for a charter and within a few hours you can be far from your busy life, relaxing on a secluded beach.

Originally founded in 1997, Trans-Pacific Jets has grown from a small piston operator to the largest on-demand jet charter company in the State of Hawaii.  Our commitment to safety, service and reliability makes us the choice for wholesale and retail air charter.  Unlike other charter companies, Trans-Pacific Jets owns or leases its fleet of aircraft, allowing for greater flexibility in trip pricing and execution as well as the ability to maintain a premium quality in our fleet.

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Only the most qualified flight crew members serve with Trans-Pacific Jets.  Our professional pilots have logged over 100,000 combined flight hours and are trained to exceed the requirements set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Our pilots are some of Hawaii's most experienced and knowledgeable.  These professionals have a safety record second to none and their dedication to is evident from the moment they first greet you for your flight.