One of the most isolated land masses on Earth, Kiritimati Island is famous for its virgin waters and friendly locals.  This small atoll is home to some of the most diverse sea life in the world, and its sheltered lagoon is perfect for diving and bone fishing.

Located just north of New Caledonia in the beautiful Coral Sea, Vanuatu is an island where adventure can be found on both land and sea.  This mountainous island offers the adventurer leisurely hikes through scenic tropical rainforest and rides down deep jungle rivers.

Whether you prefer the adventure of diving or the relaxation of a luxury spa treatment, Rarotonga has the best of both worlds.  Spend the day kayaking the calm waters, diving to the reefs or reading on the beach, then spend the night dining at gourmet restaurants and dancing at the island's many clubs.

Trans-Pacific Jets offers expertise in private air travel to some of the most unique vacation destinations.  These remote islands offer pristine nature, unparalleled service, and complete privacy.

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One of the only monarchies still in existence in Polynesia culture, Tonga is a nation of blue waters and white, sandy beaches.  This destination features all the scenes one would envision an island paradise to be.  With scuba and surfing destinations found throughout the archipelago and five-star resorts ready to cater to your every need.

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Kiritimati Island, Line Islands

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